About Ashleigh (Not Ashley)


I am a 20 something writer and service industry slave. I’m based in Atlanta, Ga but unlike most, I was actually born here! I am a homegrown peach. This blog started as somewhere to satisfy my intermittent urges to write. Now, I want to make it into lifestyle blog for social justice minded folks. People see typically see caricatures of activists and not the real human beings behind the movement. They see the hell-raising but not the planning that goes behind it. I’m hoping to change that with this space. Activists and organizers are regular people with regular lives. Not only will I showcase my life but I will also share words and images from my family on the front lines. I’m a historian at heart and I want to make sure my generation’s written history is intersectional.

Writing is my primary form of activism. Accessibility is my biggest value because the movement doesn’t mean anything if everyone cannot be included. We all have gifts. It is imperative that we figure out how everyone can use them in the name of advancement. This blog will be a space of education for people who might not know about trigger warnings or what the hell pedagogy means.

When I’m not nurturing this space, I’m running my mouth and blogging at Three Fifs, a podcast I host with my homies Eric, Breon and Justin. Additionally, I am a columnist for the Georgia Voice, a local LGBTQ newspaper and helping a good friend launch Onyx Vintage Magazine, a publication that centers Black history and vintage culture.

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  1. Heidi R. Lewis says:

    Hi! I wrote “Yes, brotha–come GET me!: A Black Feminist’s (Late) Response to Think Like a Man! for The Feminist Wire a while back, but only just recently saw and read your comment! I apologize for taking so long to respond, and I think we’ve disabled comments on the article at this point. So, I just wanted to send you a brief note and express my gratitude for your readership and commentary! Blessings! –Heidi

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