How did my garden grow? My new hobby…


Then, April 27

“You need an outlet.”

My sister and I were driving around on one of our many adventures when she she uttered those words. As you may know, I’ve been dealing with depression for over a decade and well, treatment has been an uphill battle. We brainstorming on how to alleviate some of that strife. I work at a craft store so I was throwing out random suggestions and somehow, we landed on gardening. She told me there was a nursery by her hair school so we popped over there to look around. We ended up leaving with two tomato plants, two strawberry plants, six okra, three Armenian cucumber plants and one jalapeno plant. The cucumbers were an accident but we rolled with it. After all, it was just an experiment, right?

That was in April.


Now, June 22

I was sure that, like my other hobbies, gardening would have a quick expiration date. I went in expecting the plants to die and I’d be done with it by now.

Surprisingly, I’m still at it. Even though I have been forced to confront my caterpillar phobia, I’m still dedicated to this little project. I’m looking up pickling recipes for my peppers and okra. We’ve since expanded to bell peppers, onions and sweet potatoes with mixed results. I’ve done research for this garden with more dedication than I ever had in college. I’m already plotting my next set of crops.



I haven’t failed at this and goddammit, I’m excited.

I’ll do my best to keep y’all posted on what I’m growing. Hopefully, this blog will start to flourish and take over like those damn cucumbers.




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