8 Women Beside Evan Rachel Wood Who SLAY in Suits

So, I was cruising through Facebook and happen to see the following screenshot.


I got mildly annoyed because like the brother above pointed out, Janelle Monae been wearing suits and wearing them well. But, like many other things, no one cares until a skinny young white broad does it. My Facebook friends and I started listing other women, including white ones, that have looked damn good in suits. As I began searching for pictures, I figured it’d make a cute blog post and give me a chance to give y’all some content. Without further ado, check these dapper ladies out!

Janelle Monae


Because, duh.



In all fairness, everything looks good on her.



What else do you expect from a woman that got married in pants?



Y’all know I can’t help myself…



Long, short or cropped, she looks good.

Josephine Baker


I couldn’t find a date for this picture but if I had to guess, around the 1930s-40s?

Diana Ross


Then and now!

Diane Keaton


The triple OG of white women in suits

So…yea, Evan Rachel Wood is no pioneer.

This was fun to do! If you have any other examples, feel free to post them in the comments!



One thought on “8 Women Beside Evan Rachel Wood Who SLAY in Suits

  1. Chantelle Dominique says:

    I love your blog. It’s an ode to not only black women but black people in general and I applaud your way of speaking on issues within our community and outside of our community as well. Keep up the excellent work!


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