#BlackWomenCant: Wear Stiletto Nails (001)

Y’all, I see a lot of stupid shit on the internet especially about Black women.

I see it everyday and although it burns my biscuits, it ain’t worth 500+ words.

So, I decided I would have some fun. I am going to keep track of how many things Black women should be ashamed of doing according to the lotion deprived side of the internet.

The first entry?

Stiletto nails.


Apparently, the shape and length of your nails determines your occupation, baby names and condition of your panties. And if you have an occupation, it’s sex work and you should be ashamed of it even though this nigga is probably jacking off  to your Instagram pictures. But, I digress. Just stick to deaconess nails ladies.

Like it? Hate it? Leave a comment. 




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