Prince: A Tribute

I am beside myself.

Prince Rogers Nelson has died. I got the news less than an hour ago and y’all, I’m reeling.

He was more than a musician. He was an icon. A legend. A genius. The type of person he was doesn’t come around often. The other two people who were comparable to him in impact, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, went to join the ancestors years ago.

He was so much to so many people.

He didn’t just sing, he played instruments.

He wasn’t just a star, he created other stars.

When the music industry came for him, he struck back. He owned everything with his name and likeness on it. That was practically unheard of before the 2000s.

Not only did he contribute to the music world, he used his gift for social change. In 2015, he stood on the Grammy stage and publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

For all the weird, queer and awkward kids, he showed us it was okay to be different. It was okay to be a different type of Black and/or male. He spat in the face of gender norms that said men, especially Black men, are not supposed to wear makeup, glitter and heels. He could steal your bitch and give her tips for winged eyeliner.

He was sexual when it was still taboo. He sang about it and looked like it. He wasn’t vulgar but his song was certified baby making music.

Not to mention, he is stuff internet memes are made of. I’ve used many a Prince meme to throw shade, side eye and convey my disdain for something or someone. I’ve done it on this very blog.



Prince was groundbreaking and now, he’s an ancestor.



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