Tello: Streams Of Lesbians [Review]


When I received a message in my inbox about doing a review of what I thought would be a Netflix wannabe, I was skeptical and wanted to ignore it like I do every other email asking me to do any promo. Something told me to keep reading, so I did. The message was from a representative for Tello, a streaming service for lesbian centered content. The concept itself seemed interesting and since I wanted to give y’all some diverse content, I decide to take the offer. My schedule is a hot mess so it was hard for me to carve out some time to watch the content until it was time for me to wash my hair. Anyone with natural hair knows wash day is a process that can take hours and since I typically twist my hair after it’s dry, that tacks on a couple of hours.

After perusing the site, I decided to watch I Kissed A Girl. The premise of the series was asking lesbians about their first same gender experiences. Initially, I was going to watch a couple of episodes and move on to something else but two episodes became all four of them and I was pissed at the end of the last one because there weren’t any more left to watch. I was engrossed by the stories of each woman because it’s great to hear how varied yet similar life experiences can be in the lesbian community. I came out when I was in my early 20s and have lamented over being a late bloomer. There were women in I Kissed A Girl that didn’t live in their truth until they were at least a decade older than me and had been through marriages and children. While I don’t thrive on other people’s misery, I found comfort in knowing that I didn’t come out too late because there is no such thing as too late. After I got out of my feels, I decided to pick something else and landed on #Hashtag: The Series.

The series began slowly and I almost counted it out because the characters weren’t racially diverse enough for my taste but I stuck it out. Next thing I know, I was still watching when I was done twisting my hair and only stopped because I had to go to my day job in the morning. It was that good especially since I had sworn off lesbian web series after Between Women went away (they back doe!) and I couldn’t find something else to hold my interest even though lesbian webseries are a dime a dozen these days. But, I digress.

I admit, I haven’t finished watching all of tello’s content because of my aforementioned time constraints but I know I will based on what I have already seen. The content is great and so is their mission to tell lesbian stories because “we are tired of seeing ourselves as side characters who might kiss or brush fingertips during sweeps week.”

Amen, sisters.

All that said, I have a treat for y’all. If you follow this link, you can get you a piece of tello for free until the end of next week. Hop on it and don’t say I never gave y’all nothin’!



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