Help A Sista Out! My Laptop Died.

So, my dear readers, my computer has tapped out on me.


Yea, it’s bad. It had been struggling for months. One of the screen hinges broke so the monitor was floppy. Then, one of the cooling fans went out. Next, the computer wouldn’t stay on unless it was connected to the charger. But, I figured I could press on. But it seems like the universe had other plans in the form of my screen throwing in the towel over the weekend.

This happened at the most inopportune time because I had just finished my new media resume so I could apply for writing and media jobs. All of that said, I need help.

I set up a YouCaring page to collect donations for a new computer and I hope to buy a new one next week. If you are able to do so, please donate. If not, please share this blog post or the fundraiser link. I hate asking for things but this is extremely important and any help is appreciated.



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