To My Sisters: A Letter of Solidarity for My Trans Sisters

Reposting in honor of Trans Day of Remembrance.

Ashleigh, Not Ashley


I have been sitting on this letter for days, weeks even but I was finally prompted to write it after reading the charges have been dropped against Islan Nettles’ alleged attacker. The police say they will continue to investigate and bring someone to justice but I am not holding my breath because Islan is one of many transwomen that have been killed for being themselves and who they were meant to be. It seems like I hear and read about a transwoman, often black or Latina, being murdered or hurt and every time I see these stories, I share them like I do any other story that is important to me. Sadly, these stories usually get little to no attention. That digital silence is comparable to the silence in national narrative regarding the abuse and murder of transwomen. While people are rejoicing over (mostly white) queer people being able to…

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