300 Words or Less: Fire and Fake Intellectuals

I see stupid stuff go up and down my timeline on a daily basis. I typically ignore it but sometimes I get exposed to something that is so mind-numbingly idiotic that I get mad enough to write about it. Enter the following picture:

Y’all, this picture reaches so far that it is tickling Jesus in the ass. I am so sick of pseudo deep negroes making something out of nothing. The fire challenge and its equally dump fainting challenge are nothing more than stupid (mostly) teenage shenanigans. Kids, regardless of race, do stupid shit all the time. If you go to Youtube and search for prank videos, you will get millions of links to kids of various colors doing dumb stuff from jumping off roofs with skis and sticking fire crackers up their asses. Somehow, Black kids aren’t allowed to participate in adolescent foolishness without someone placing the advancement of Black people on their backs. To compare these internet challenges to the systematic abuse and murder of thousands is intellectually lazy at best and plain dumb at worse. To say this type of behavior is the reason we are relegated to second-class status in this society simplifies oppression and place the blame on the oppressed. There are plenty of valid reasons to criticize these photos and this ain’t one of them.
Let kids, Black ones included, be kids.



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