Hey Y’all! I’m still here and so is this blog!

It has been long few weeks, y’all.

As I type, the space formerly known as my bedroom is in shambles as I prepare to move into my dwelling, affectionately known as Nappy Haus. Mind you, this is about 24 hours after crossed over to the better side of the Mason-Dixon line after spending four days in Boston for the NABJ Convention. I’m tired, overwhelmed and excited but I gotta keep it moving. I decided to take a break from these happenings because I just realized this blog will be 2 years old this month.

Two whole years.

I am so proud of this impending milestone because I have been at this blogging thing since I was 18 and this is the first one that stuck. This is the first one that felt right. I used to get embarrassed when people mentioned my other blogs to me offline because I didn’t believe what I was writing. I wrote just to say I wrote something. I was too busy trying to emulate other bloggers and my content suffered. Now, I am proud of Ashleigh Not Ashley becoming an offline nickname. I am proud of my content, including the blog posts that reflect opinions that I don’t have anymore. This blog is a testament of my growth and I have a bevy of plans and ideas that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

I want to thank everyone that reads my posts, comments and shares my articles. Because of you, this blog is sitting at over 56K views. I may not write every day or even every week but y’all keep coming back. Cheers to many more years!


One thought on “Hey Y’all! I’m still here and so is this blog!

  1. four4mommy says:

    Congrats on your 2 year BLOGaversary!! I do enjoy reading your posts, and have been reading them since your sister invited me to do so. I love how you choose diverse subject matters, and you write from within. By that, I mean you arevnever apologetic for your ideal, as some writers are, and I love that!! Keep it up! =)


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