#NotBuyingFA : Alternatives to Feminist Apparel

Editor note: I took the “I Met God, She’s Black” shirt off of this list because the streets was talking about the owner and until proven otherwise, he guilty. Not to mention, he’s a white cisman. Keeping that shirt on here would defeat the purpose of this list, dontcha think? Anywho, I will keep updating it as long as y’all keep telling me about cool people selling cool stuff. Thanks!

A while back, I came across a picture of a Black woman wearing a shirt with “I woke up like dis” emblazoned across the front. My love for Beyonce is well documented on this blog so I did some light research and found out Feministing had something to do with it. I kept going and discovered Feminist Apparel, a site that sells a bevy of t-shirts with snappy sayings. Initially, I was going to buy them but my intuition was like “NAH” and I closed the tab. Flash forward to right now and #NotBuyingFA is trending on Twitter because some white man is trying make a profit off of the backs of women of color. Turns out my intuition was right, again. But, rather than writing some long ass diatribe explaining why you shouldn’t buy from them, I shall use this as an excuse to help some others make some money. That said, here are a few alternatives to Feminist Apparel:

“Black Girls Are Magic” by The PBG

Soul Seed Tees

For Harriet Store

The Young Mommy Life Scholarship Tee

AND this shirt goes to supporting young moms that want to continue their educations.

Philadelphia Print Works (Per Suggestion)

This shirt and various others are sold out but you can sign up for a mailing list to be notified when they’re available.

I’m certain this blog post will be constantly updated so if you have any suggestions, let a sister know. Support Black/WOC businesses y’all!



One thought on “#NotBuyingFA : Alternatives to Feminist Apparel

  1. Kenya says:

    Hi. Just came across this post and wanted to note that I own one of the “Woke up like dis Feminist” tees. The one I own is being sold be a program that serves survivors of sexual assault called A Long Walk Home. Their logo is on the shirt I have. It may be worth checking out.


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