Rihanna, Shakira and Lady Love Authenticity

Note: I know this story is old as hell and not newsworthy but I wrote it like 2 weeks ago and forgot the post it. I’m gonna post it now and you will deal.

About a week ago, Shakira and Rihanna released a music video for Can’t Remember to Forget You. They’re beautiful women so I wasn’t surprised to see them being sexy in the video. As a matter of fact, I expected it because their discographies include songs like S&M and Hips Don’t Lie. What I didn’t expect to see was Rihanna and Shakira fondling each other while lip syncing about some boy that broke their hearts. I’m not prude but I was very uncomfortable. To be honest, I welcome imagery of women being openly affectionate with each other. However, I am not here for that affection being nothing more than a spectacle for the male gaze. From Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl to Nicki Minaj rapping about stealing Cassie from Diddy in Lil Freak, female affection is commonly reduced to fap material. Frankly, I’m sick of the shit. This behavior, usually by avowed heterosexuals, promotes the idea that same gender love between two women is only legitimized when it turns someone on. No one see intimacy, love and pure adoration. They’re just waiting to see a titty pop out. Consequently, lesbianism is seen as something that can be changed as soon as a cock is introduced. This might not seem like a serious issue but this logic contributes to rape culture and street harassment. Some men see lesbianism as a challenge and use their bodies as a weapon of correction. Others think if they badger a woman enough, the lesbian facade will fall and they’ll get that number.

In addition, these displays encourage femme-phobia, an aversion to femme people. There’s already a prevailing idea that a woman has to be masculine of center in order to be considered a “real” lesbian and that affects how lesbians interact with each other. Femme women have to go through some cockamamie screening process in order to be taken seriously and if she’s bisexual, she catches a special hell. No one should be forced to prove their authenticity because some straight girls want to play the fool. Maybe, I’m just looking to it too much. Eh.

What do y’all think? Did you see the video?


One thought on “Rihanna, Shakira and Lady Love Authenticity

  1. Natasha Ramsey says:

    I completely understand and agree with your points here! I’ve touched on this topic in my pieces (written and audio) because lesbianism seems to be validated only when one “wears the pants and the other wears the dress” or when it’s done for a man’s pleasure, etc. Such bull! I love that you reminded us about intimacy, affection, and true love because that’s missing in so many portrayals of gay people. Queerness is not a trend, fashion statement or thing upon which to commercialize…


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