His Dream: The MLK Jr. Club Flyers Are Irrelevant

As I type, the live stream of the Ebenezer Baptist Church services plays on another tab. I am sitting in my bed and according to some, I have committed a cardinal sin because it is King Day and I should be out doing some random service project. I could very well be out doing a project but my body is telling me that I need to sit my black ass down in the form of a headache and tummy ache. For the past week or so, MLK Jr. related topics have went up and down my timeline including faux outrage over some tacky club flyers with Dr. King’s face plastered on them. I call it faux outrage because people took these flyers as an excuse to denigrate and insult “hood rats” and people they deemed “niggers” and “ignorant.” Rather than attacking the people that actually made the damn flyers, people took this an excuse to denigrate a section of our community that they deemed below them. Y’all, the classism was real in these streets.

Too turnt with nowhere to go.

Many of the people complaining about the “hoodrats” were the ones that were posting quotes from Dr. King. I am so sick of seeing so-called educated black people being so eager to look down on hood black people. Rather than reach back and lend a hand, these bougie mofos turn up their noses. The same ones crying about this generation’s woes and claiming the black community’s doom probably only give back in the form of an occasional service project and waxing poetic on social media. I am not one to police anyone’s service but I have no issue with questioning a person’s motives. When I see people displaying this snooty ass behavior, it makes me wonder what their motivations are. Do they genuinely care about the black community or do they just care about how the black community looks under the white gaze?

I need some of you to ask yourselves that question. What motivates your work? Do you actually care or is it respectability politics? These flyers are horrid but we have bigger fish to fry. Our people are being picked off like animal thanks to trigger happy police officers and citizens. Black babies are being threatened with expulsion for working their kinks and coils on their schoolyards. Our trans sisters are being assassinated for just existing. Meanwhile, the government is trying to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body.There are so many other issues that we have to deal with. So excuse me if these flyers are barely a blip on my radar.


One thought on “His Dream: The MLK Jr. Club Flyers Are Irrelevant

  1. bernasvibe says:

    Never saw nor heard of those flyers..Really matters not in all honestly..IF we all anyone, even other Blacks, to attempt to use negativity to deter ‘the Dream’; then Martin Luther King. Jr’s death & many sacrifices will be for naught..What people need to realize, Black , White and every pale shade of Black in the middle, IS either we stand together or fall divided..The gap shouldn’t be as wide as it still IS. The rest of the bullshit is just that, bullshit & a total waste of time. Enjoyed reading your thoughts..Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day!


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