Demetria Lucas is Everything: A Review of Blood, Sweat and Heels

After tuning into the antics of Nene and ‘nem, I stuck around to tune into Blood, Sweat and Heels, Bravo’s newest reality television show featuring a gaggle of Black women. I wasn’t pressed about the show until I heard Demetria Lucas, the blogger behind A Belle in Brooklyn, was going to be a cast member. I have been following her career for a couple of years so I was surprised to hear she would sign up for a reality show because she didn’t seem like the reality show type. It was until I read this essay that I had a glimmer of hope that this show would be different.

In this post for the Root, she described why she decided to do the show:

I became more comfortable when I finally met my potential cast mates. I knew most of them and had heard good things about those I knew only in passing. I liked that they, like me, were accomplished women with their own brands. To be frank, it meant they had a lot to lose if they got on TV and acted a plumb fool. I figured if I signed on, things could only get but so bad.

I have a lot of respect for Demetria and I trust her judgement so I decided to tune into the show to see if it is something that would continue to watch. Although the show isn’t as entertaining as Real Housewives of Atlanta or Married to Medicine, I think it was a pretty decent show especially if you live tweet the show as you’re watching. There was a bit a drama but not enough to make me feel like I’m watching a minstrel show. During a brunch hosted by castmember Daisy, the women got into a slightly heated discussion about women having leadership abilities. Two of the women, Brie and Daisy, believe women’s hormones and menstrual cycles prevented them from being effective leaders.

Demetria made me love her more by calling that statement exactly what it is, bullshit. The conversation moved to snooping and Demetria ended up being the voice of reason yet again by telling the women, in so many words, that if you have snoop, you might as well not be with the man. She warmed my cold little feminist heart and she’ll probably be the main reason I tune into the show. Demetria went on to blog about the snooping convo which resulted in the other women, namely Daisy, getting in her feelings about the blog post. Daisy ranted about bloggers and how they sit around behind their computers typing while being overweight, ugly and sans makeup. Meanwhile, she’s walking around with sidewalk chalk on her face and calling it lipstick. But, I’m sleep doe.

Other notable moments included Mica sharing that her boo was in another relationship that had been going on for 20 years while they were together and Daisy’s first Brazilian wax. Overall, the show was cute and Demetria gave me life.

I give the show a B+ (yup, I’m trying to incorporate reviews, who gon’ check me? This is a pop culture blog!)


4 thoughts on “Demetria Lucas is Everything: A Review of Blood, Sweat and Heels

  1. justifiednausea says:

    Gross. Just gross. The one with the long reddish hair is a monster. Really bottom of the barrel creeps.

  2. stacieopal says:

    Love your review! I did one too and Demetria actually responded!! She gave me sooooo much life! But I agree, I’m gon’ be watchin JUST FOR Demetria and boo, we must be on the same ish cuz I just recently started doing TV show reviews. I never intended to but….why not? check it out a , i think were following each other too =T xxox


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