ANA Stands With Melissa Harris-Perry


Let me start by saying Melissa Harris-Perry was dead wrong for going in on Little Bla—er Kieran Romney and the photo he shared with his grandfather and cousins. However, the fact that people are making such a fuss about that Nerdland segment is a bit disconcerting to me. To be completely honest, it seems like yet another example of the media and society trying to take an uppity negress down a notch. Prior to this incident, Melissa Harris-Perry has never been one to insert herself into drama. Folks across the nation tune into see her passionate rants and well-rounded panels that cover a range of issues including criminalization of poverty, trans* rights and natural hair in the black community. MHP is a role model for black women and scores of others across this country, myself included. I’ve had the privilege of seeing her speak and she is arguably one of the greatest minds of this generation. Not to mention, she is a down-to-earth person that stopped to talk with my friends and I and posed for pictures despite all of the other people that were clamoring for her attention. But, I’m not writing this post to kiss her ass. My point is MHP fucked up and she acknowledged said fuck up by genuinely apologizing in front of everyone. She didn’t release a water down statement or non-apology. She put on her big girl panties, owned up to her mistake and Mitt Romney accepted her apology. So to all the naysayers and witchhunters calling for her head, keep hating. MHP will prosper and she has my support. 

I stand with Melissa Harris-Perry. 


2 thoughts on “ANA Stands With Melissa Harris-Perry

  1. Joseph says:

    The unfortunate thing is, and you can dispute it all you want but you know it’s true, if MHP had the skin color of her white mother instead of the skin color of her black father, and she was getting heat for joking about a white adopted child in a large black family, you would not be standing behind her and supporting her. You just wouldn’t. It wouldn’t even interest you enough to comment on it.

    • blackmediawatcher says:

      I didn’t see the segment in question but I do love me some MHP that being said I understand how black people in the media often get a one-strike rule leveled against them. MHP isn’t going anywhere though.

      @Joseph- She allowed your comment to see the light of day which kind of negates the whole hypocrisy aspect of within your claim. She neither denied or said yes which is politically wise lol anyway your statement is interesting though. I wonder had MHP looked ethnically white would it have any impact in how black people view her?


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