Beyonce’s Album and Checking for White Feminism

Like every other Beyonce stan, I have been getting my life since the surprise release of her self-titled album. I have listened to every track and shared my thoughts on my various social m   edia accounts and every time I log in, I see the same thing. A bunch of my fellow black feminism debating and writing articles about Beyonce and white feminism’s supposed outrage at the release of this album. If you have been following this blog, you know I am quick to clap back when white feminism says something stupid about Beyonce or any other black woman in the public eye. That said, I am sick of us writing the same articles over and over again about white feminist hatin’ on us. It has come to the point that we start writing articles before white feminism even react. I have seen several links to articles using comments sections and cherry-picked tweets to prove that white feminism is mad and to tell the truth, it’s kind of lame.

Why are we still writing about them? Better yet, why do we still care what they think?

I posed this question on Facebook and Twitter and my dear friend made a great point:

blogshotBlack feminists have been fighting for inclusion into the mainstream feminist movement for decades, centuries even. The racist and classist practices of mainstream feminism is well-documented and consequently, black women have been reluctant to get involved. We made our own movements and did our own organizing. It is arguable that we have been doing feminism longer than Susan B. Anthony and ‘nem thanks to women like Anna Julia Cooper and Sojourner Truth. A wave be damned. Despite this, it seems like we’re still trying to elbow our way into their movement and are watching them to make sure they don’t jump stupid instead of focusing on us and our own movement. Frankly, I don’t care about what they think anymore and neither should you. Am I saying don’t criticize white feminism? Of course not. However, we’re wasting too much time, energy and keystrokes writing about them. That said, unless come for me, I ain’t sending for them. White feminism won’t be taking up much space on this here blog.

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