Handbags and Husbands: The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Passive Homophobia

The big wigs behind The Real Housewives of Atlanta have dedicated a lot of screen time to Porsha’s divorce, similar to how Basketball Wives became the Evelyn Lozada Crying Hour. Since I am nosy as hell and had been waiting to see how the show would handle that drama since it broke on Twitter, the focus on that story line hasn’t bothered me. However, I am so sick of Porsha and some of the other cast members speculating about Cordell’s sexuality. To use that as a potential weapon against his reputation is dead ass wrong and it is yet another example of the complicated relationship RHOA with queer black men.

In the past, openly queer black men made frequent appearances on the show. Derek J and Miss Lawrence should have been holding their own peaches and coming up with a witty tagline for the opening credits since they were all over the earlier seasons. They were entertaining as hell and had vibrant personalities but they were practically walking handbags for Nene and ‘nem. They were there to kiki, do some hair and throw shade at whoever happened to be their friend’s adversary at the time. On the flip, there were a few times the women were homophobic in the form of Phaedra being standoffish toward one of them and making a crack about men in heels and Sheree using the f word that doesn’t end in U-C-K. Either way, the ladies don’t have a great track record.

Whether they know it or not, they’re promoting homophobia by implying Cordell is gay as a negative quality. Cordell could very well be gay and has definitely treated Porsha like shit so she is understandably hurt. However, being hurt isn’t an excuse for passive bigotry.

What do you think of the ‘Cordell is gay’ trope? Leave a comment!


One thought on “Handbags and Husbands: The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Passive Homophobia

  1. Tikeetha says:

    I agree. I really think she is hurt and lashing out at his manhood is her way to get back. It’s wrong and she needs to step back and look how wrong she’s acting. This doesn’t excuse his behavior, but she knows better. She said on one episode how he wouldn’t be interested in her sexually, that just means that he probably found another woman to occupy his time. Not a man. I like Porsha, but he has a son and she needs to stop this drama. Move on Martha, move on!


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