To My Sisters: A Letter of Solidarity for My Trans Sisters


I have been sitting on this letter for days, weeks even but I was finally prompted to write it after reading the charges have been dropped against Islan Nettles’ alleged attacker. The police say they will continue to investigate and bring someone to justice but I am not holding my breath because Islan is one of many transwomen that have been killed for being themselves and who they were meant to be. It seems like I hear and read about a transwoman, often black or Latina, being murdered or hurt and every time I see these stories, I share them like I do any other story that is important to me. Sadly, these stories usually get little to no attention. That digital silence is comparable to the silence in national narrative regarding the abuse and murder of transwomen. While people are rejoicing over (mostly white) queer people being able to marry and smile for photo-ops in various states, my sisters fear for and losing their lives.

Yes, my sisters. I’ve said time and time again, that I consider other black women to be my sisters. That sisterhood isn’t just relegated to cis-gendered women and neither is my feminism. I wish more people shared that view but life experience and observance of the media has taught me otherwise. Sure we have women like Laverne Cox, Amiyah Scott, Isis King, Mia of Houston Beauty, Carmen Carrera and Janet Mock doing the damn thing but what about the others?

Cece McDonald

What about Islan Nettles, Cece McDonald, Eyricka Morgan, Domonique Newburn, Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar and the unidentified young lady that was found in a trash can up in Detroit? Marriage equality is cute and all but when is the lgbtq* community going to start giving a damn about the T in that acronym. Where are the campaigns and protests for these women? They shouldn’t be an afterthought in the race to the altar.

Islan Nettles

In addition, the black community needs to get its shit together and speak out for our transgendered sisters as well. I don’t give a damn if you don’t agree with their so-called “life style” but you should agree that no human being deserves to be killed and thrown away like a piece of garbage.

To my sisters, stay strong and know that you deserve to be love and you ARE loved.

My blog isn’t the biggest one out there but I still want to stand up for my sisters because like I said in my last post, we all we got.
My new thing has been placing reading material at the end of my posts so I challenge everyone to look up every name I listed in this blog post and see if you can find even more.


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