Now What? SNL, Kerry Washington and Black Comediennes


It has been a long time since Saturday Night Live was entertaining to me but I tolerated it last night because I think Kerry Washington can do no wrong. Not to mention, I wanted to see how SNL would handle having a black woman hosting since they have come under fire for their lack of diversity. I was pleasantly surprised at how funny Kerry was and I am eager to see her do more comedy. SNL did good choosing her to host and I give them props for using their skits to address their diversity problem but now what?

I want to know if they will actually address this issue by adding more black women and other women of color to their cast. Having the occasional black woman host ain’t cutting it. Kerry is only the ninth black woman to host and there have only been three black women on the cast in the show’s almost 40 year history. In addition, while I thought Kerry was funny, her roles were very typical. She was the around-the-way girl, a heavily accented African woman, an Afrocentric, a nagging girlfriend and two-thirds of the holy black girl trinity, BeyoncĂ© and Oprah. Those roles had me questioning if I even want a black woman on the cast if she is going to be pigeonholed to stereotypes. As I’ve said before, we need our own shit because I’m getting a bit sick of having to write these types of articles. Let’s get a black girl Key and Peele going.

Did you watch Kerry on SNL? If so, did you like it or dislike it?



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