Chris Brown and Other Angry Black Boys


Chris Brown screwed up, again. By now, you probably know he has another assault charge stemming from a fight Brown and his bodyguard were involved in with another man. The charge was initially a felony but has been reduced to a misdemeanor. Brown, who is still on probation for molly whopping Rihanna, and the bodyguard have a court date in late November.
When I heard this news, I think I heard the internet explode too. Articles appeared and social media was rife with ranting. I’m sure there’s a white feminist somewhere giddy over the idea of having a reason to rag on Breezy. I’m looking at you Jenny. Although my disdain for post-2009 Chris Brown is strong, I have to wonder why he hasn’t gotten any real help. He is exhibiting behavior that I have seen countless young black men mirror. Prior to the Rihanna incident, Brown did an interview in which he described his tumultuous childhood.

Here’s an excerpt:

Like the day an 11-year-old Brown made a promise to his mother. He vowed that he would go to jail by age 15 for killing his abusive stepfather. “I just want you to know that I love you,” he told her in GIANT. “But I’m gonna take a baseball bat one day while you at work, and I’m gonna kill him.” Brown’s parents had separated when he was seven. When his mother remarried, she moved her son and his new stepfather to a trailer park. Then his stepfather shot himself in the head. The shot went straight through the eyes. He survived the suicide attempt but was permanently blinded.
“When you’re blind, your senses are heightened, like your smell, hearing, your sense of touch,” Brown explains to GIANT. “You can move and maneuver around your sight. But he used to hit my mom…. He made me terrified all the time, terrified like I had to pee on myself. I remember one night he made her nose bleed. I was crying and thinking, ‘I’m just gonna go crazy on him one day…’ I hate him to this day.”


Not to mention, he just bragged about being raped at 8 years old by a female babysitter. He is one of millions of black males that have experienced and witnessed trauma. Although society is progressing, men still don’t have the luxury of being able to express emotion without being ridiculed and alienated. Consequently, Brown and so many others use anger as an outlet and that anger often presents itself in the form of violence. Ultimately, we’re all affected by this issue because many of these men are our brothers, sons, fathers, uncles, friends and lovers. Many women (and men) come home to a punch in the face as their children watch because we are not addressing these deep seated issues. Instead we just throw them in jail and call it a day. Yes, abusers should be held accountable and bad behavior should never be excused but we can rehab people and hold them accountable. There are guys that want help. We just have to be willing to give it to them.

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2 thoughts on “Chris Brown and Other Angry Black Boys

  1. Kima says:

    You are so correct people forget that black men are human too and they need to be able to express their feelings because all that suppression leads to outburst like this. Chris isn’t a bad guy he just needs what all black men need to feel comfortable showing they have feelings too

    • blackmediawatcher says:

      I too had a mother that was attracted to no-good women beaters. She was a serial dater of these men and her mentality and actions led me to believe that even if she could do better she didn’t want too. In my childhood I knew of three men that would hit my mother and my eldest brother who remembers far more than I was driven to a Chris Brown like existent as a result this.
      My mother did have a good positive male role model in the house for a while but ultimately my mother left him claiming that he was “too boring”. My shot at a normal two parent household left with him and never returned. I mean this guy was a good man. He showed us things, got us to do chores, and was willing to look after us like we was his own but all those things didn’t matter to my mother and the dude she left him for turned out to be a complete tool who literally only comes around for a hot meal and sex. Black men are also suffering from alot of the damaging things black women suffer from but we expected to keep it within ourselves. To speak out about my childhood is akin to dishonoring my mother which is the one rule that is engrain in every black boy but I believe more stories like those need to come forward in order for the community to understand the damage that is being done to our children (male and female). I know females that see that are very unlikely to want anything to do with Black men which could be yet another reason why so many of them feel betrayed by us.


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