Beyonce’s Hair: I Don’t Care If You Don’t Care


Last night, as I was getting ready to nod off, my sister ran into my room and brandished a laptop that displayed a picture of Beyonce’s now viral hairdo. Like any self-respecting Bey stan fan, I popped my computer opened and posted a the picture on ANA’s fan page. After that, I took my ass to sleep.

It is barely 9 AM as I type and as I expected, the anti-Bey goons have popped up to tell the world how much they don’t care. In the other corner, there’s the Buzz Killingtons that pop up every time a pop culture event happens to shame people for giving a damn.

Although I love to slander the anti-Beys, this post goes out to the Buzz Killingtons. If you use any form of social media, you have probably come across these people or you might be one of them. Buzz Killington are notorious for making comments like:

“Y’all watching Love and Hip-Hop but when is the last time you watched the news??”

“You care about Beyonce’s hair but do you know what your congress person looks like?”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting social issues in the forefront. I started this blog because I have interest in social issues. We should keep up with current events and we certainly should be able to pick our elected officials out of a line-up. That said, it is perfectly fine for me or anyone else to care about what brand of weave glue Beyonce uses and reproductive laws at the same damn time.

Although I like to write about social issues, feminism and a host of smarty pants topics here, I have written about Beyonce, Lady Gaga and K.Michelle too. If I was serious all the time, I would lose my mind. Sometimes, I just need to talk about that weave glue.

Additionally, if you feel like an issue isn’t getting enough attention, find a way to publicize it. The same fingers you use to type a judgmental status or tweet can be used to post beneficial links or type a blog post of your own. Social media has made it possible for information to reach millions at a rapid speed. Not to mention, it’s extremely accessible. Don’t complain and finger wag, teach.

What do you think about Buzz Killingtons? Do you know one? Are you one? 



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