Shame On BET For Policing B.Scott

B.Scott in his usual glory.

Like a good chunk of the world, I parked myself in front of a television to watch the BET Awards and its preceding pre-show. I was live tweeting during the whole thing and making notes for potential blog posts. After watching Bow Wow, Angela Simmons and a few other butcher a few interviews, I was relieved to see multimedia star B. Scott pop on the screen. I have been following him since his YouTube days and I was happy to see him experiencing major success. In addition, he is always the consummate professional so I knew he was the man for the job. Although his outfit was uncharacteristically safe and appeared to be tardy to the party, I thought nothing of it at the time. Flash forward to this morning and I wake up to find out he had a good reason to be late.

From NewsOne:

Beloved multi-media maven, B. Scott, was allegedly told by Black Entertainment Television (BET) that he couldn’t wear high heels to host the 2013 BET Awards pre-show red carpet, and infuriated fans have taken to social media to demand an apology on behalf of the gender-bending internet celebrity.

To say I was pissed is an understatement. I am still pissed especially after reading this letter from B.Scott himself.

From Love B.Scott:

As I was getting ready (hair, makeup, wardrobe), various members of the production team were in and out of my trailer making sure I had everything I needed. A producer visited my trailer as I was getting my makeup done. Another producer was there when I was getting my hair straightened. They were even there outside waiting as I was putting on the finishing touches of my outfit.

After rushing to make it to the red carpet in time, I was escorted by several members of production down to the stage. Everybody I spoke with commented on how fabulous I looked. There was never any indication that there was an issue. There was no pushback. I was simply there to do my job.

After interviewing AJ Calloway for my first segment I was literally yanked backstage and told that my look from head to toe “wasn’t acceptable.

Not only did they tell him he couldn’t wear heels, they made him change his outfit, hair and makeup.

B.’s “approve” outfits. Drab and boring as all hell.

According to the letter, his style was policed because of “sponsors” although a rep from Proctor and Gamble comforted him after this drama. Excuse my french, I call bullshit. In my eyes, BET was being BET. The same BET that would snatch female artist’s music videos for being to risque but thought nothing of broadcasting songs that objectified women. The same BET That snatched shows like Teen Summit off the air but kept Uncut up for ages. That BET. Sadly, B.Scott is the latest victim of their bass ackward actions. B.Scott’s digital footprint is vast so a simple Google search can tell anyone what he’s about. In addition, as he mentioned in his letter, this wasn’t the first B. Scott appeared on BET. Shame on BET for this incident and anyone that thinks their decision was valid. As a society (because black folks aren’t the only perpetrators of this type of behavior), we need to get out of this binary thinking. Some women are masculine and some men are feminine. Everyone doesn’t fit in a pretty little box.

Get used to it and get over it.

What do you think of this BET/B.Scott drama? Leave a comment!


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