Aww Hell Naw: White Gays and Inner Black Women

There has been an epidemic that has been sweeping the internets and has affected people like Tyler Oakley and countless other white gay men. Thankfully, the good folks at BuzzFeed found a cure for it in the form of this nifty quiz. So, I am going to piggy back off of them and let this affected know the following: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN INNER BLACK WOMAN.

You do not have one, the drag queen in the club up the street doesn’t have one and none of your friends have one either. As an actual black woman, every time I hear someone claim an inner black woman I cringe. They seem to think it’s cute or create camadarie with black women when in reality, its plain racist.

The stereotype of the neck rolling, finger pointing and “all HELL NAW” exclaiming black woman is an old one. Her original name is Sapphire and she dates back to the 1800s. Sapphire has been depicted as an obnoxious harpie that gets her jollies from berating her husband and kids. She was used to show that black women aren’t women because of how they supposedly emasculate black men. That was used to justify the enslavement of black people because they supposedly did not know how to act in “decent” society. The inner black woman phenomenon reeks of Sapphire because it suggests that these white gay men have an uncouth alter ego that comes out in the form of a black woman. That suggests that black women are inherently uncouth and obnoxious. While I have been know to yell “aw hell naw!” in several situations and I can talk loud sometimes, I have some sense and so do millions of other black women. I don’t appreciate being anyone’s alter ego anymore than some gay men like seeing themselves portrayed as a sassy accessory to women in television and movies.

That being said, I applaud BuzzFeed for creating that little quiz because they proved a great point: if you aren’t an outer black woman, you do not have an inner one.

What do you think of the inner black woman trope? Leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Aww Hell Naw: White Gays and Inner Black Women

  1. blackmediawatcher says:

    Reblogged this on Blacks in the Media and in Life and commented:
    Why are you mad about that? White activists have always used blacks to propel their agendas forwards. Those same gay men would be mad if you said no to one of their outings and would try to use your struggle as a black woman as proof that you should be down with their causes. They would say, “Gay rights is the new civil rights” and compare their sexuality to your skin color as if some where gays was pacted into a boat and shipped off with the intention of being sold like cattle. Same with the white feminists who tricked black women into going to their events and supporting their causes yet when they made gains they ditch them and left them to their own devices.

    To me being mad at a white gay guys or other women for mockingly channeling their inner black woman is justifiable in the sense that no one likes to be made fun of but stupid in a, “stick your hand in fire and expecting the other person to get burnt” kind of way. Stuff like this should remind you of the imperfection that is America and reaffirm your resolve as a person of African descent. It should make you want to better organize and make you more concious about who you bring into your circle. Even if you get those people to stop saying that stuff in your presence they will still say it behind your back so be smart and stop trying to befriend the gay movement. Gay people don’t really care about women they want to replace women and they see you at the bottom and think gee let me piggy back off her.

    This is true for other minorities and counter-cultures, they generally seek to align themselves with black people and the black movement when they want something but ditch us and talk about us the second they get what they want. I just want to know when are we going to collectively wake up and stop letting other people use us.


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