Queen Latifah Will Portray King Peggy According to Reports

Queen Latifah is set to portray Peggielene Bartels, the female King of a village in Ghana, according to various news outlets in the United Kingdom. Bartels, affectionately nicknamed King Peggy, assumed leadership after the previous king, her uncle, died.

From The Philadelphia Sunday:

Upon arriving for her crowning ceremony in Otuam, she discovered the dire reality: there’s no running water, no hospital, no schools, and many of the village elders are corrupt. To make matters worse, her uncle (the late king) sits in a morgue awaiting a proper funeral in the royal palace, which is in ruins.

And over the following few years, she not only transformed herself, but the community she ruled over as well.

Her story was documented in a book titled, aptly, King Peggy, which Will Smith has reportedly bought the rights to, for Queen Latifah to star in.

According to this story, King Peggy is happy to have Queen Latifah bring her life to the big screen. Although this movie role remains unconfirmed, rocker Lenny Kravitz announced that his interior design firm will be designing the set for Latifah’s upcoming daytime talk show.

“It’s a thrill to be designing the set for The Queen Latifah Show,” Kravitz told Entertaintment Weekly. “This is the first time Kravitz Design has created an environment for television, which makes it a very exciting project for us.”

The talk show is set to debut on September 16. I don’t know about y’all but I am excited about both projects. I have been a distant admirer of King Peggy and I have always been a Latifah fan. Looks like I have a book to buy, a movie to see and a television show to DVR.



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