Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta (5.20 Recap)

I apologize for the lateness but here’s your weekly recap of Love and Ratchetness Hip-Hop: Atlanta. Per usual, Steebie J and crew definitely did not disappoint. I don’t have some snappy little introduction so let’s jump right in.

Traci’s Delusions Continue

Traci decided to meet up with Drew to discuss their latest fight since they are supposedly a family. Mind you, Traci and Drew are not together. As it turns out, Traci only had the baby because she expected Drew to put a ring on it. In the words of [find rapper, YOLA?], “the game aint changed, it’s just the n*ggas in it.” A baby has never made a man stay. As a matter of fact, a lot of them will run faster. I hate that Traci fell for that bull but I honestly think she should have known better. As the segment continues, Traci tells Drew that she is still upset with him for cheating on her while she was pregnant and that she doesn’t deserve to see him parading women around him. Drew, a model of tact, retorts “you know we haven’t been together in seven years, right?”

That statement stumped me. Traci’s behavior had me thinking their breakup was recent when in reality, they haven’t been together since Dubya was in the White House. That means Traci has been carrying around this hurt and anger for seven years. Girl, LET.IT.GO. No man, whether he’s your baby daddy or not, is worth that energy. This segment also took me back to one of my favorite sayings: baby mama isn’t a relationship status. Baby mama means just that, a woman is someone’s mother. It doesn’t mean the child’s father is obligated to marry the mama, be with the mama, get your permission to date other women or anything else. His obligation to that child. The quicker Traci realizes that and moves on, the quicker she will stop busting a blood vessel every time she sees Drew with another woman.

Towards the end of that segment, Traci asked Drew what he wanted from her and he replied “your money.” Ouch. Consequently, Traci said they would only discuss business related matters from then on. Yea, right.

Mimi Got A New Man and Erica Goes Through Scrap’s Phone

The next segment introduces us to Mimi’s new dude, Nikko. The pair go to dinner at some random restaurant in Atlanta and what do they discuss? Her situation with Steebie J. Her past. Her baggage. In her confession, she swears up and down that her relationship with Stevie is in the past but she also admits that her relationship with him has made her jaded against all men. At that moment, that’s when I realized that the women of this show don’t know how get out of something and stay out of it. They claim to want their relationships to change and go on and on about how everything is going to be different but always end up taking the same ole shit from the same ole man. Fast forward to Erica and her drama with Scrappy. Erica found some text messages in Scrappy’s phone and goes to him about it. He isn’t apologetic. He chides her for going through the phone and told her texting is something he does. He told her if she goes looking for something, she’s going to find it. Welp. Erica breaks the engagement off and she takes off the ring.

K.Michelle’s Sparkly Vajayjay and Kirk Is Pushing A Diss Record

K.Michelle, Mimi and Ariane go to the nail place to get their nails done. Well, Mimi and Ariane get their nails done. K.Michelle decides to vajazzle her lady parts to see if it will fix her malfunctioning love pocket. Frankly, I’m sick of hearing about her cooch so I was glad when the subject switched to Mimi’s date with Nikko. She gave the girls a basic run down of what happened and how she expects her new man to step up. We shall see about that. Next scene takes us to a basketball court with Benzino and Kirk. Evidently, Kirk is still butt hurt about his exchange with K.Michelle so he wants to see if Benzino can get Karlie Redd to do a diss track with Rasheeda. Color me surprised because I didn’t know diss tracks were still a thing in 2013. Kirk vents to Zino about his issues with Rasheeda, warrants for his  son’s arrest and his grandkids. Yes, grandkids. HOW OLD IS HE?

Three’s Company: Stevie, Joseline and Shay Mac, Kirk Tries to Convince Rasheeda To Do The Tack

Stevie J and Joseline meet up at a spa to discuss their relationship and celebrate Joseline’s record deal. Joseline tells Stevie that he needs to love her like she wants to be love and Stevie tells her he loves her like a fat kid loves cake. It wasn’t cute when 50 Cent said it and it wasn’t cute the. Next scene takes us to the studio with Stevie and Shay Mac. That conversation was interesting. Shay Mac is turnt up for some inexplicable reason and tells Stevie that she wants to make old school struggle music. She also shows off her booty and boobies. Yea, I can see where this will end up.

We end up at Rasheeda and Kirk’s place and Kirk is trying to convince a reluctant Rasheeda to do the diss track with Karlie, even though Benzino warned him that Karlie is bad news. Rasheeda aint havin’ it and she tries to convince him to invest more time and resources into her online clothing store that is supposedly successful. Even though she gets on my last nerve, I actually agree with her.  If I had to choose between a growing business and doing some diss track with Karlie, I would go ahead and invest in a sewing machine.

“Kwantitee, Not Kwalitee”

Shay Mac and Steebie J meet again in the club and this time Joseline is there. Shay had a bit of the hooch so she decides screaming in Steebie J’s face and running up on Joseline is a good idea. Joseline dismisses her like she’s the Beyonce to Shay’s Keri Hilson and Stevie J laughs in her face. Po’ thang. In the confessional, Joseline rants about how Stevie J picks up people off the street and brings them into the studio. Mind you, she came from the streets herself.

Next, we see Erica talking to Rasheeda and latter reveals that she might be pregnant. Rasheeda takes a test and finds out that it is positive. Her and Kirk have been having issues so this isn’t the best timing. She gets an ultrasound and there’s a bun in her oven.

Joseline Tries to Put Her Paws on Karlie

For some reason, every time we see Karlie she is in someone business. This time, Stevie and Joseline confront her about Zino supposedly claiming that he slept with Joseline. Of course, they argue and Joseline snatches Karlie up and calls all types of old bitches.

That’s it for this week’s LHHATL recap! From the looks of next episode’s preview, it will be a doozy.

What did you think of this episode of LHHATL? Leave a comment!



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