Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: ANA Recap 5.14

Last night, the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta premiered and there was no shortage of foolery and drama. Here are a few scenes that stood out to me:

K. Michelle v. Rasheeda

She of the multiple colored wigs and ginormous donk and the woman she affectionately dubbed the “Georgia Prune” are still beefin’ and the latter’s husband, Kirk, decides it is a great idea to jump in the middle of this debacle. Predictably, the exchange did not go well. I typically like K. Michelle but she acted a fool. While I understand her issue with Rasheeda, I hate the way she insulted Kirk. Every insult she threw at him was an attack on his masculinity and not-so subtly homophobic from referring to him as Lil Richard to claiming he wears press-on nails. It was a mess and as someone on my Twitter timeline noted, she threw those insults as if she was left for a man.

K. wasn’t the only one that was out of pocket. In my opinion, Kirk should have never gotten involved with the conflict. The Southern girl in me doesn’t think that a man should inject himself into the conflicts of women. That just isn’t their place. The feminist in me got aggravated at Kirk acting as if his wife can’t fight her own battles. I was also perturbed that he thought it was okay for him to threaten K. Michelle. If that fool had any sense he would know that making threats in front of a video camera isn’t wise.

Did Benzino and Joseline Hernandez Baybee Do the Do?

Since the last episode, there has been a rumor circulating that Karlie Redd said that Benzino said he did the nasty with Joseline. Zino and Steebie J consider themselves close so this poses a problem since Joseline and Steebie are a thing. The couple decided to head to Benzino’s business to confront him about the issue. The conversation started calmly but quickly escalated after Benzino wouldn’t admit or deny the alleged comment. An argument ensued and ended with Joseline calling him a bitch and Zino calling Joseline several synonyms of the word whore as Steebie looked on. I had a few issues with how this whole thing went down. First of all, why wouldn’t Benzino answer the damn question? She asked calmly but he gave her the runaround and admonished her for asking him. Next, why does Stevie J stand around like a deer in the headlights while Joseline pops off on any and everyone. He shouldn’t try to dominate Joseline and I can understand him not wanting to get into the middle but he should have found a way to mediate the situation. Thirdly, why is it that Benzino went right to slut-shaming when he got pissed with Joseline? I wonder what he would have said if it was Mimi? The whole situation was all bad and from the looks of the preview of next week’s episode, the drama is about to land on Karlie Redd’s doorstep.

Traci Lost Her Damn Mind

The tail end of the show was dedicated to radio host Traci Steele and her baby daddy whose name escapes me. Anyway, in the last episode Traci agreed to invest $25,000 in her baby daddy’s business venture. After he insisted that he get the money urgently, Traci dropped it off at his house unannounced. When she knocked on the door, baby daddy cracked the door and peeped out. Traci figured it was suspicious and barged her way in and found a random girl sitting on his sofa. Her reaction  made me have an Anchorman moment.

She lost her freakin’ mind. She started screaming and hitting him, cursed and threatened the girl and threw a tantrum that started in the apartment and ended with her tearing up the check in the middle of the parking lot. Mind you, they are not a couple. She claimed that she was sick of him bringing women around their son but there son wasn’t there. Honestly, it seemed like a jealous rampage. It’s clear that she is hurt and there are some unresolved feelings. Either way, Traci needs to get her stuff together because that wasn’t cute.

Anyway, that’s my recap of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta! I plan to do these every week since ANA is about to become a full-on pop culture blog. I hope you enjoyed it and if you didn’t, there is plenty of other material that is published and will be published. Stay tuned.

Did you watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta? What did you think? Leave a comment!



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