Ariane and K.Michelle of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta Unknowingly Buck A Reality Show Trend

As a connoisseur of ratchetry, I rushed home from school on Monday so I wouldn’t miss the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. I was eager to see what became of Joseline Hernandez, Steebie J and the rest of the crew after the first season went off the air. Simply put, I was ready for the shenanigans and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Viewers got a little bit of everything from Joseline embarassing Mimi as Steebie sheepishly grinned to K.Michelle declaring herself to be a mixture of Fergie and Jesus. Needless to say, I got my life.

Speaking of K.Michelle, viewers also learned that she was in the middle of another beef. Her latest opponent is Ariane, Mimi’s occasional sidekick. Evidently, K. Michele was upset because Ariane slept with her ex, something she did not learn until Ariane did an interview for a radio show. This drama perplexed me because I was under the impression that the two women were not close friends. Still, K. Michele was upset and in typical reality television fashion, the two women ended up in the same place at the same time and sparks flew. Then, the sparks dimmed. They made up!

The hilarious Luvvie summed it up perfectly:

Mimi and Ariane ride together to Erica’s engagement party and Ariane is surprised she’s even invited. K.Michelle hasn’t talked to her since finding out that she slept with her ex, Memphitz, from a radio interview. The ladies get to the party (which isn’t really a party, as much as it’s 4 women in a VIP booth) and K ain’t tryna talk to Ari at first but soon, she starts going off about her breaking the G-code. Tension died though when one of them said”I FUCK WITH YOU!” “AND I FUCK WITH YOU TOO!” And then they dapped and kissed.

Hoodrats settle beefs so differently.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I loved this moment. Typically, we don’t see black women in the media getting along, especially in reality television. Black women are usually pitted against each other because it makes good television and viewers rarely see any type of resolution. As a matter of fact, conflicts are typically dragged out over the course of several episodes and in some cases, seasons. It was nice to see Ariane and K. Michelle dap each other and keep it movin’.

What do you think? Did you watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta? Leave a comment!



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