Spurts! Week of 1/31/2013


Sorry for the tardiness but I got it done! Let’s jump right into it…

Ms. Kurbally’s Classroom!

This isn’t a news story but I think this is worthy cause. A friend of mine told me about this teacher and what she is trying to do for her classroom. I was inspired by it so I’m posting it here. If you’re inclined, donate. If you can’t, share the link!

Here’s a description:

My students are excited by the challenge that through learning they can change the world. My students are confident, curious and have a genuine thirst for learning math. My math classes are a combination of 3 classes of 1st grade age students at varying ability levels. About a third of my students did not attend kindergarten or preschool and only one third of them are on grade level in terms of mastery of content. Our school is a Title 1 school and is located in a highly impoverished neighborhood in Michigan. As one of the 15 lowest performing school’s in the city with less than 1% of students proficient in reading and math at their grade level it is my vision to combine rigorous and high academic standards in order to prepare students to succeed. I want to equip my students with a strong foundation in math skills and want to foster my students eagerness to learn by boosting their confidence and creating a strong classroom culture and community.

Louisiana Will Eliminate Health Benefits For HIV Patients, Poor Children, And First Time Moms This Week

I covered this in my weekly podcast but I think it definitely needs to be posted again. I feel horrible for the people of Louisiana. I am at a lost for words. People, please monitor your government officials and pay attention to who is being elected in your state.

HAIR TUTORIAL | Messy White Girl Bun with an Efffnic Twist

This video cracked me up. It’s nice to see someone poke fun at the hair gurus. I checked out a few of her videos and they were actually helpful! If you’re not that adept at doing hair, like me, check out a few of this chick’s videos!

Chick-fil-A CEO and Gay Activist Are Now Friends

This story had me doing the scrunch face. Last year, the controversy surrounding Chik-Fil-A swept the media like a twister. The hoopla died down just as quickly and now we’re getting a story about Dan Cathy and Shane Windmeyer of Campus Pride are BFFs. Call me paranoid but this seems a tad fishy. I hope the Cathy’s change is a genuine one but I won’t hold my breath.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Spurts! I’m hoping to get a regular post up early next week since my time management is getting a bit better. See you next week!
What do you think of these stories? Leave a comment!


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