Spurts: Introduction

Hi all!
It’s been a hot minute and I apologize for that. School started a week ago and I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. That said, I have crawled out of my cave to announce ANA’s first bloggy feature, Spurts.

Spurts will be a collection of news stories, blog posts and cool stuff I find across the innanets. There are so many things that I have thoughts about and want to blog about but I don’t quite have the words to articulate them. At least, not enough for a full blog post. Spurts will give me a chance to share a few thoughts in addition to passing on some information to my readers. It’s a remix of the link round ups you see on a lot of blog. That said, here’s the inaugural edition of Spurts!

Abortion Ends in Mississippi

The headline says it all. I am worried for the women of Mississippi. I am worried for all of us because if lawmakers can get shit like this on their books, who knows what else they will try to pass. This post does a great job of showing the potential implications of anti-abortion laws. Read and be informed because this is a very important issue.

Washington Post and ‘Feminist Americans’ Won’t Let Michelle Obama Have It All

Speaking of inaugations,  Tressie McMillan Cottom over at The Feminist Wire beautifully illustrated the not-so subconscious implications of mainstream feminism’s criticism of First Lady Obama. Earlier this week, the Washington Post published an article about divided views between mainstream and black feminists about the first lady’s image as a potential feminist icon. Cottom’s piece does a wonderful job of illustrating why mainst–screw it, white feminists just don’t get why black feminists and black women in general go hard for Mrs. Obama. In addition, she explores why the idea of “having it all” can be exclusionary. In all, it is a wonderful piece. I agree with this piece and many other criticisms of white feminists and their views of the Obama family. They just don’t get it and probably will never get it. Black women have been working our asses off since we stepped foot on the soil of this country. To see a black woman in the white house is prolific on its own.  But to see one that is able to have a happy family, a loving partner and overall satisfaction in her life is indescribable. Last year, I wrote a response to Alice Robb’s criticism of the president for referring to his daughters as beautiful. Like the women criticizing the First Lady, she didn’t have the cultural reference to figure out why her criticism was misguided. If anything, this illustrates another reason people are so disillusioned by the mainstream feminist movement.

I am a straight, twenty-something woman. And so is my girlfriend.

Y’all, this one threw me for a loop and I’m still sorting out my feelings about it. I like that it is challenging what I think and know about sexuality. It shows how fluid sexuality can be and that there are so many gray areas. I won’t say whether or not I agree with how this woman or her girlfriend because my opinion on their or anyone else’s identity is irrelevant.

That’s it for the first edition of Spurts! Next edition is coming next Friday!

What do you think of these stories? Leave a comment!



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