Another Black Boy Lost: Jordan Russell Davis

Do you know who Jordan Russell Davis is?

Until last Friday, he was just a normal high school student. Like many teenagers, he hung out with his friends and liked to blast loud music.   Well, according to various news outlets, that got him killed.

From Global Grind:

Seventeen-year-old Jordan Russell Davis was shot and murdered by 45-year-old Michael David Dunn after the two got into a verbal confrontation over loud music.

Jordan was sitting in a car when Michael pulled up next to him to complain that he was playing his music too loud outside of a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida. From there, the two exchanged words when Dunn, a registered gun owner and collector, used his firearm to shoot at Davis’ vehicle. He fired eight or nine times, striking Jordan twice in the back seat. No one else was harmed.

Sigh. Dunn’s justification for shooting Davis was that he felt “threatened” and there wasn’t any elaboration on what caused him to feel threatened outside of alleged verbal threats. All of these kids were in the car at the time of the shooting. Davis was sitting in the backseat. Dunn fired at them eight or nine times. The car the teenagers were riding in didn’t have any weapons so what could they have done to cause him to feel threatened enough to shoot at them that many times? Over music?  Dunn has been arrested and denied bond. He has plead not guilty. I will be watching this story and I hope you will too.

What do you think of this incident? Is there a racial component or was it just a horrible misunderstanding. Leave a comment!


One thought on “Another Black Boy Lost: Jordan Russell Davis

  1. Hykeem says:

    There’s not enough information to see who is to blame yet. I don’t want to make this about a racial problem and point the finger at someone without enough research on Michael mindset or the overall situation.

    In my opinion this scenario seems familar to Travion Martin(sorry for the mispelling).


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