Random Rant: Halloween Costumes

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Yea, Thanksgiving gives me ham and greens and Christmas gives folks an excuse to give me free stuff but I still prefer Halloween. To me, it’s the perfect way to welcome fall and it allows me to see how creative people can get via their costumes. Halloween hasn’t come yet and I’m already seeing costumes that give me life.

Sadly, Halloween isn’t exempt from fuckery. As a matter of fact, Halloween tends to enhance foolishness.

Racism and sexism run rampant in society and sadly, Halloween isn’t immune from it. Some costumes a flat out racist, others are plan sexist and there are some costumes exhibit both of these qualities.

Case in point, the costumes from Party City’s “Arabian/Bollywood” and “Western” categories.

In addition to looking gaudy and cheap, these costumes are racist and eroticize Middle Eastern, Asian, African and Native American women. These costumes might seem harmless but these costumes feed into stereotypes that are attached to these cultures. But, it gets worse.


I don’t know what it is about milineals but for some reason, they keep trying to bring blackface back. Just like Gretchen Weiners shouldn’t have tried to make fetch happen, white college students (and Dolce and Gabanna) need to stop trying to make black face happen. It’s not going to happen and it shouldn’t happen. It wasn’t funny when your great grandpappy did it and it isn’t funny now.

Lastly, there’s the sexy __ trope. Why on earth does every other costume made for adult women has to be sexualized? It would be easier for me to handle this one if it weren’t for some of the sexy costumes being based on children’s characters. For some reason, that makes me really uncomfortable. If you want to be a sexy witch, cat or vampire, do you but what the sam hell is sexy about Hello Kitty or any other cartoon? Leave the cartoon get-ups to the babies!

I’m sure there are people rolling their eyes at this post but some things just have to be said. People often complain about social commentators and activists being too serious and zapping the fun out of every thing but what is the point of getting this godforsaken degree if I don’t use it they way I’ve intended for it to be used. Analyzing media and culture is kinda my thing and my favorite holiday isn’t exempt even if you think I’m being a self-righteous asshole. Rant over.

What do you think of costumes with these themes? Big deal or much ado about nothing? Speak!


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