Hold My Mule Jeezus: #30WriteNow Challenge


Like several writers across the blogosphere, I have decided to do the #30writenow challenge.

What is it? Instead of going into some long ramble about it, I’ll let Bassey Ikpi do it for me.

#30WriteNow Challenge

It’s October! Fall is fully here, the homie, @nicoleblades pointed out on Twitter that the first of the month falls on a Monday. It feels like a good time to start some month long challenges. NB and I came up with a 30  day (Yes, we’re aware that October has 31 days but who wants to write on Halloween? Get some candy and relax.)  writing challenge for ourselves that we would love to share with you. The rules are simple. Every single day, write something for 30 minutes or one full page. That’s it. If you write for 30 and go over a page— awesome. If you can only eek out one page— beautiful.  You did something. This is for your blog, essay, book, whatever! Any writing that you need, want or have to do this is the time to start or complete it.  Don’t worry about punctuation or grammar (as I clearly don’t) that can be taken care of in editing. Right now, just write. Write now. Heh.

If you need inspiration, we will have daily prompts just one word. Whatever that word inspires in  you, go nuts. If you don’t need the prompt, then ignore it. There is no pressure here. Only thing you need to do is write every day for the month of October.  Use #30WriteNow

Let’s do this shit!

PS: For the health and fitness aspect, check out @heyfranhey and her plank and green challenge.

In case you didn’t read alla that, the challenge calls for me to write for 30 minutes a day or the equivalent of one page for a whole month. Being the procrastinator that I am, I didn’t start on Monday so I’m starting tomorrow, on Thursday. That means I’ll probably be writing or posting on Halloween which is fine with me since it is my favorite holiday and gives me an excuse to dress up and do hoodrat things with my friends. That said, I will try to write something, anything everyday until November 4. I can’t promise everything I write will be good so bear with me. Also, I’m not restricting my writing to this space. In addition to this blog, you’ll be able to catch me on my Tumblr page for the mind dump that I don’t think is suitable for this blog. Stay tuned to my Facebook page for details on where I will be posting and while you’re there, like my darn page if you haven’t already!




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