Lesbians Aren’t Meant to be Chic…

The fashion industry has found a new way to turn another group of marginalized people into a trend.

Style.com, a fashion website, has decided that “lesbian chic” is their favorite new trend.

Here’s a quote (credit: the Huffington Post):

Lesbians! They’re everywhere. This summer, the New York fashion scene was buzzing with gossip about a couple of high-profile ladies who ditched their marriages and started dating women; across the pond, meanwhile, British Vogue ran a whole article on that phenomenon, while society rag Tatler chimed in with a feature on London’s seven “loveliest lesbians.” (Only seven?) Just last week, Models.com posted photos on its homepage of the nuptials of model Harmony Boucher and her bride, Nicole.

Fetishization is not a compliment. Telling a same-gender loving woman that her kissing another girl is “hot” (as long as both are conventionally attractive) isn’t a compliment. Calling a trend “lesbian chic” isn’t flattering and actually promotes the idea that all lesbians look a certain way. Same-gender loving women don’t have a certain look and despite what many are led to believe, you cannot look at someone and tell what their sexuality is based on what they’re wearing.  Not all or even most lesbians are “butch”, “studs”, or dress androgynous. Believe it or not, there are plenty of straight women that aren’t feminine at all. Same-gender loving women come in all shapes, sizes and outfits.

Sadly, Style, British Vogue and scores of other publications probably believe they are promoting acceptance by raving about stuff like the “lesbian chic” trend. They don’t realize how damaging it is for a person’s sexuality to be turned into a commodity or fetish. Do a quick Google search of the word “lesbians.” Two of the first three links include the words “hot lesbians” and “lesbians kissing.” Switch over to the images tab and there are pictures of conventionally attractive feminine white girls  making out and others mocking lesbians that aren’t conventionally attractive.

If a woman tells someone that she is attracted to women, it isn’t uncommon for her to be propositioned about threesomes and questioned about how many girls she has performed cunnilingus on (yes, this actually happened). Hell, the picture in the Style story is of two “lesbians” tonguing each other. This has to stop. Lesbian relationships are just like any other relationships. Same-gender loving women argue, break-up, raise families and run households just like the rest of society. They are not here to appease the fantasies of some man choking his chicken behind a computer screen or to be a trend touted by some snooty fashion rag.

What do you think? Is “lesbian chic” offensive or am I making much ado about nothing? Leave a comment!


One thought on “Lesbians Aren’t Meant to be Chic…

  1. Maggy says:

    Lesbian chic is indeed offensive. Women who kiss each other in the club in the hopes of attracting men really bother me. This sends the message that women loving women are mere props for some male fantasy.


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