Creative Roadblocks…

As someone who is thoroughly interested in current events and social issues, I have the hardest time writing about them. I can share my thoughts in spurts. My facebook statuses and tweets tend to reflect those spurts. But a full-on opinion piece? It’s hard but it didn’t used to be this way.  A long long time ago, also know as sophomore year, I was able to sit down and hammer out an opinion piece at lightening speed. I had an opinion and dammit, everyone that read The Signal was going to read it.

Then, life happened. Grades happened. Depression happened. It all went away and I’m still trying to find it. I still have those opinions. I’m passionate about my LGBT rights. I’m a proud and unapologetic BLACK feminist. But, why can’t I write about it? I have been sitting down trying to find my words for the Chavis Carter murder “suicide” but I have none. I want to roundhouse kick Todd Akin in the face and tell you why but…I can’t. I write almost every day but most of the stuff I write about doesn’t matter to me. I could careless about the brand of glue Beyonce uses for her lacefronts but I bet I could bang out a 300 word article about it. Don’t get me wrong, I like observing pop culture and I don’t mind writing about it sometimes but I hate that I can’t write about my other passions without drawing a blank. Hopefully, having this space will help me combat this issue.

Writers, have you had this problem? If so, what did you do to combat it? Leave a comment!



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