How did my garden grow? My new hobby…

We ended up leaving with two tomato plants, two strawberry plants, six okra, three Armenian cucumber plants and one jalapeno plant. The cucumbers were an accident but we rolled with it. After all, it was just an experiment, right?


#WhiteoutWednesday: Rob Scheneider Whitesplains MLK + More

Being Black in America has taught me many things but one of its main lessons is there will always been an abundance of white foolishness. With the advent of Donald Trump’s presidency, Murica has been consumed by it. White people have been showing their asses, y’all and it isn’t just pasty white republican ass either. … Continue reading #WhiteoutWednesday: Rob Scheneider Whitesplains MLK + More

Eddie Long: Death Isn’t A Magic Eraser

There are many things unique to a childhood in Metro Atlanta. We rep the hospitals that ushered us into this world and argue over what, exactly, is considered Atlanta. Our celebrities are fodder for rants and gossip. ATLiens go on about who we saw walking through Lenox or who stopped by our jobs. There are … Continue reading Eddie Long: Death Isn’t A Magic Eraser

8 Women Beside Evan Rachel Wood Who SLAY in Suits

So, I was cruising through Facebook and happen to see the following screenshot. I got mildly annoyed because like the brother above pointed out, Janelle Monae been wearing suits and wearing them well. But, like many other things, no one cares until a skinny young white broad does it. My Facebook friends and I started … Continue reading 8 Women Beside Evan Rachel Wood Who SLAY in Suits

New Year, Who Dis? Trying To Be Better…

I am a college dropout. I never thought I’d write that sentence. I’ve been ambivalent about this since I wasn't able to re-enroll because of an error that resulted in a balance on my account. It has been about three years since I’ve stepped foot in a classroom and I’ve experienced a multitude of emotions. … Continue reading New Year, Who Dis? Trying To Be Better…

Unpretty: Lena Dunham’s Missed Opportunity

  I can’t stand Lena Dunham and my disdain is well documented thanks to social media. When I caught wind of her recent shenanigans I was immediately annoyed. Frankly, I’m still annoyed. That said, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t identify with part of the apology she posted on her Instagram page. She … Continue reading Unpretty: Lena Dunham’s Missed Opportunity